Timber Appraisels

The timber appraisal process starts with:

A thorough understanding of why the timber is being evaluated is a necessary step to accurately meet the client's objectives. Once the goals and objectives have been determined, a plan can be developed that balances cost and quality.

Once the plan is developed, the next step is to complete the field work, which includes a timber cruise.

A timber cruise is a systematic process to accurately measure the quantity and quality of existing merchantable timber. Translating this information into an accurate valuation requires a thorough understanding of Forest Practices regulations, timber harvesting processes and costs, and an understanding of timber markets.

My experience as a forester includes cruising thousands of acres of timber in the Pacific Northwest as well as developing timber appraisals for a variety of clients. My experience in log marketing and working with logging contractors has given me the knowledge to structure an accurate and comprehensive timber appraisal.

Woodward Forestry timber appraisals do not include valuations of bare land or structures. However, when land and structure valuations are required in addition to timber, we partner and collaborate with other qualified appraisal professionals.

Timber Cruise
Timber Cruise

There are numerous reasons a landowner may need a timber appraisal:

  • Estate planning purposes.
  • Establishing a new tax basis.
  • Providing a valuation to help the landowner decide if they want to move forward with a timber harvest.
  • Selling or buying of property that includes the value of timber.
  • Development of a forest management plan.
  • To facilitate a timber deed.
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Marry, Chris' field hand.