About Woodward Forestry

Woodward Forestry is a family-owned and operated forestry consulting firm located in the Willamette Valley since 2005. Woodward Forestry serves private and industrial forest landowners, real estate agents seeking timber appraisals, attorneys managing estates, state and federal agencies, and natural resource organizations.

Private landowners own 34 percent of Oregon's more than 30 million acres of forestland. Timber production comes primarily from private forests, supporting more than three-quarters of Oregon's annual timber harvest. Oregon has some of the most productive forests in the world. Its forests are diverse and provide important habitat for fish and wildlife.

Woodward Forestry has years of experience assisting landowners with timber appraisals, timber harvest management, and forest management plans.

Our primary goal is to help landowners develop plans that reflect their forest management, timber valuation, and/or harvesting objectives.

Chris Woodward

Chris's Lab - Marry.
Marry, Chris' field hand; she is holding deer antlers.