Woodward Forestry has completed several large-scale timber inventory projects for large industrial landowners. These projects have included managing personnel and implementing quality control protocols to ensure that data is accurate and delivered in a reasonably efficient manner.

Woodward Forestry has successfully completed many pre-sale timber cruises for large industrial landowners, the State of Oregon, and several small forest owners.

We have also prepared numerous timber sales for both large industrial and small non-industrial landowners. This work has included identifying Oregon Forest Practices and compliance issues, negotiating the application process, and developing the harvest plan.

Timber Appraisels

  • Develop goals and objectives with landowner.
  • Establish a plan for conducting field work for the timber cruise.
  • Accurately measure the quantity and quality of existing viable timber.
  • Advise landowner of forest practice rules required by the State of Oregon Department of Forestry for timber management and harvesting.
  • Provide the landowner with a comprehensive and detailed appraisal report.
Unlogged Forest
Unlogged Forest (Timber Cruise)
Mature Stand of Douglas Fir
Mature Stand of Douglas Fir
Growth Analysis
Growth Analysis
Healthy Stand of Douglas Fir
Healthy Stand of Douglas Fir
Unlogged Forest (Timber Cruise)
Unlogged Forest (Timber Cruise)

Timber Harvest Administration

Work with landowner to establish overall goals and objectives.

Assist landowner in developing a pre-operational, operational, and post-harvest or long-term management plan that includes (but is not limited to) the following general steps:

  • Develop a written plan based on the landowner's goals and objectives.
  • Conduct a timber cruise to assess inventory quantity and quality.
  • Identify reforestation needs.
  • Establish inspection schedules.
  • Hire logging contractors.
  • Prepare subcontractor contracts.
  • Supervise harvesting.
  • Monitor and ensure process and quality control.
  • Provide administrative oversight for payment of goods and services.
Harvest Operation - logs piled up in open field.
Harvest Operation
Fallen log.
Harvest Contract Administration
Log truck transporting logs.
Transporting Logs
Developing a log deck.
Developing a Log Deck
Harvest operation.
Harvest Operation

Timber Management Plans

Writing a management plan takes time and effort. It requires defining your vision and purpose for management, as well as knowing your property: its physical characteristics and its biological potential. A forestry consultant can help you develop a comprehensive plan based on your goals and objectives.

Funding may be available from various agencies to offset the cost of hiring a consultant to develop a plan for you. Woodward Forestry can assist in recommending currently available resources.

Common elements to include in your management plan are:

  • Introduction.
  • Maps and photos.
  • Goals and objectives.
  • Resource descriptions.
  • Management recommendations and timeline.
  • Recordkeeping.
Man assessing ground for reforestation.
Slash burning.
Slash Burning
Seedling for replanting/reforestation.